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Orthodox Estonians – Seto

The southernmost tip of Estonia and the borderland of Russia form the country of Setomaa. This region is characterized by ethnic and religious distinctiveness. It is inhabited by Orthodox Estonians – Seto, Russians and also some Lutherans which came from Estonia’s north. Close proximity of Latvia causes this region to ...

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The unknown country of Kalevipoeg

It is the smallest and the least known Baltic Republic. Due to its land area and population, which is slightly less than 1.5 million, it is also one of the smallest European countries. By some it is called the bedroom of Finland. Located between the Bay of Riga and the ...

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Wywiad z metropolitą Tallina i całej Estonii Stefanem

Prezentujemy wywiad z metropolitą Tallina i całej Estonii Stefanem. Do tej pory o jego Kościele dowiadywaliśmy się z innych mediów, opublikowaliśmy również wywiad z biskupem Hilarionem, który – jak pamiętamy – opuścił obrady komisji ds. dialogu prawosławno-katolickiego w proteście przeciwko obecności przedstawicieli Kościoła Estonii. Zgodnie z zasadą “audietur et altera ...

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Lennart Meri

Estonians loved him. A biting tongue and unconventional behavior also provided him with many friends in Europe. His life symbolized Estonia’s fate in the XX century. Lennart Meri was born in a family of an Estonian diplomat. He went to 9 different schools where he used 4 different languages. After ...

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