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Interview with Ott Lepland

Estonians got to know him when he decided to participate in the third edition of the national version of the popular TV program „Idol” – „Eesti Otsib Superstaari”. When he was fighting for the victory the whole country was cheering for him lively. He won and became one of the ...

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Interview with I Wear * Experiment

Their logo resembles the symbol of deathly hallows from the Harry Potter book series. They themselves create magic that proceeds to spread through the Baltic States and even further. Music of their works had already managed to hypnotize the president of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves himself, who decided that their ...

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Relay to dance

There is a new danger loose on highways of Estonia, guarded by special cars and safety-clad people as it roams across the land: from August 20 until August 28, 24h relay dancing makes participants and spectators meet at both odd and sensible hours. Estonian singing festivals are well renown and ...

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Another semester in Estonia came to an end. Two months ago I thought that this is enough of Estonia for me and I won’t come back here anymore. Then sunny days lit up the picture of the country and I’ve fallen in love with Tartu again. Of course it is ...

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Lenna’s new music face

Two years was enough for Lenna Kuurmaa to become one of the most recognizable artists in her country, as a member of the band Vanilla Ninja. The group became almost a living legend and Estonia’s mark on the international arena. Gold and platinum discs, thousands of dedicated fans, songs at ...

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Christmas time

Christmas time came. World is painted white, the smell of mulled wine is seducing lazy walkers, Christmas trees are decorated… This Christmas, I would like to wish you a big pot of magic, huge backpack of adventures, a wagon of happiness, and of course pockets full of money!;) Merry Christmas! ...

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