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Estonian Christmas carols

Püha öö Püha öö!, õnnistud öö! Kõik on maas rahu sees Joosep valvab ja Marial sääl Hingab lapsuke põlvede pääl Maga, patuste rõõm Maga, patuste rõõm Püha öö!, õnnistud öö! Ingli hääl välja pääl Laulab rõõmustes: halleluuja! Annab teada ka karjastele: Kristus sündinud teil! Kristus sündinud teil! Püha öö!, õnnistud ...

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Christmas dishes

Traditional dishes – the same for generations have been served for Christmas Eve supper. One of these is baked turkey (or goose) with apples. Other dishes include sauerkraut (mulgikapsad), potatoes, swede with hog’s head, pork, black pudding, potato salad with red beets and paté as well as beet salad and ...

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Folk traditions of Estonia Christmas

Jőulud (Yuletide), Christmas Eve and Christmas Day In the folk tradition of Estonia Christmas has a double meaning: on one hand it is the sign of the birth of Christ, but on the other hand it represents the whole period of holidays celebrated in mid-winter – Jõulud. This name has ...

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Christmas traditions in Estonia

Advent Despite the fact that just like in other Nordic countries, the most important days are Christmas Eve and Christmas, the festive atmosphere can be felt right from the beginning of December – at the start of Advent. Advent calendars are bought and they are used to measure the time ...

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