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Tropical Estonia

Who would say that Estonia could be one of the hottest places in Europe? Yes, probably nobody… And here is big surprise – last two weeks are crazy, next will be crazy hot and we will see what will bring the end of the month. I remember, in my blog two weeks ago, I wrote that I really need good weather. So, good weather came, maybe even too good…

I wrote also that I need some support from Estonia, to gather new beautiful memories from the country. I’m not disappointed with this as well. Since I came to Tallinn, I managed to visit some museums, and other nice places in the city, I visited Haapsalu, Jõelähtme and Jägala fall called sometimes the Estonian Niagara fallas (there are some differences though). Yesterday I visited also Kaire in Kuusalu, which is nicely located just outside the Lahemaa National Park.

I have over two more weeks in here to spend, so if the weather and my account balance will let me, I’ll probably visit Tartu once again and Pärnu. I hope it will be nice end of my Estonia 2010 trip.

Not only places, but people make me happy about my visit in Estonia. I already mentioned that I’ve met a few familiar faces just by accident. I also met some some nice new people, who sometimes make me think more that I expected before.

Differences between American and Estonian Niagara Falls:
1. Estonian is obviously smaller.
2. You can actually swim under Estonian.
3. You can not say about Estonian one that the view from Canadian side is better.

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