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Russia’s Involvement in the Tallinn Disturbances

On the evening of April 26, unrest and vandalism broke out in Tallinn. During these events, the city suffered damage, the likes of which has not been seen since the air raid by the Soviet Air Force in 1944. Apparently the last previous occasion that someone was killed in street ...

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Statement by the Foreign Minister

The European Union is under attack, because Russia is attacking Estonia. The Bronze Soldier and the vandalism in Tallinn was Estonian domestic matter, but Russia’s coordinated actions against Estonia are a European Union problem. Thus, European Union-Russia relations have entered a very complicated situation. The attacks are virtual, psychological and ...

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The Tõnismäe Second World War Memorial

Estonia, like other EU member states, honours all victims of the Second World War and values the contribution made by those nations who helped defeat Fascism in Europe and the world. Estonia also condemns the activities of all individuals –whether Estonian citizens or representatives of a foreign power – who ...

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