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Tartu – The best city for the world

Tartu, with its population of 101,246 (Population Census data from 2000) in an area of 38.8 sq km, is the second largest city in Estonia. Tartu, lying 185 km south of Tallinn, is also the centre of southern Estonia. The River Emajõgi (Mother River), which connects the two largest lakes ...

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Myths and Legends in Tallinn

Tallinn, first mentioned in the historical books of the Arabic geographer Al-Idrisi in 1154, has had many centuries of active life with everything that goes with it. If the ancient city walls could talk, they would, without a doubt, tell us stories better than any adventure book. They have seen ...

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Tallinn – Danish city in Estonia

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia is located about 1,000 kilometers north of Warsaw. Its name in Estonian means “Danish city”. Truly there is much Nordic climate both in architecture and atmosphere, although signs of the Soviet period are also visible. It is best to visit Tallinn at the end of ...

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First records of civilization in the surroundings of Viljandi date back to the 5th millennium B.C. The first written record of the earthen stronghold of Viljandi was in the year 1154 in the commentaries to al-Idrisi’s world atlas “Geography”. In the 12th century a permanent settlement emerged around the stronghold ...

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The oldest part of Haapsalu is built on a strip of land that was formed of many islets only a few hundred years ago. Narrow streets bring you to the sea again and again. Haapsalu has been called the Nordic Venice for this plenitude of water. First mentioned in 1279, ...

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First lobbyists of medieval Tallinn

Beautiful Tallinn, Pearl of the Baltic, Florence of the North, Revel, Lindanaes. The Danes, Teutonics, and the Swedes all played a part in establishing one of the largest, merchant cities in Europe. We have often written about the history of Tallinn on our website. We have also written about its ...

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